Book Review: The Testing
October 19, 2014 by Brigitte Dam


I've read the book in about a day so it's safe to say that this book is not dull. But to be fair, not as exciting as similar books I have read. Still liked the book and I've allready started reading part two of this trilogy.

What I really liked about this book is that it's not to 'heavy'. What I mean with that is that it's not depressing or extremely sad and hopeless. Some books go to far with that I think. What I also like is that Joelle Charbonneau keeps you guessing what is really going on...

It's very clear that this book is suited for kids from 12 and up. I feel like I am maybe a bit too old? Similar books, like Hungergames, are much more exciting while reading. You know the feeling when you pull up your legs because you can't read fast enough to find out what's gonna happen. Well even though I found this book interesting and, in parts, exciting, it could've been more exciting.
Another issue I was having was remembering who is who. The names were quite unique and I was having difficulty remembering the characters...
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