Who's am I?

Welcome to my website which is actually more of an online portfolio! Here I would like to show you my creative side.

I study Psychology and want to work as a researcher, which is really theoretical. I love to read and write, this makes me happy, so for me this is perfect. But I also have a creative side which helps me relax.

I love to read and write and I will post the books I read or are reading and the books I have written. I also love to draw! I draw best when stressed or having a bad day!

And I had an online jewelry shop. The webshop is still online, also part of the portfolio, and I will show you the finest pieces of my collections on this website!

In my free time I follow classical ballet lessons 3 times a week. Perfect for someone who sits, probably too much, behind a desk. Keep the blood flowing you know! I love the discipline required with ballet and the music and movements are so pretty, I am addicted to it.

Hope you like my portfolio. For any requests or information about prices, please fill in the contact form! Thank you so much!